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Using Facade API

Using Facade API

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The plugin capabilities of Univer are very powerful, allowing you to extend almost every aspect of Univer. However, in most cases, the overly flexible extension capabilities can make developers feel overwhelmed. Therefore, we provide @univerjs/facade, a simpler and easier-to-use panel API (Facade API) for Univer users.

@univerjs/facade is suitable for everyone, especially for those who are familiar with Luckysheet's old users, or just want to use Univer's functions simply without intending to deeply extend users. With @univerjs/facade, you can quickly get started and easily implement various common CRUD functions.

This document will detail how to use the API provided by @univerjs/facade to help you fully unleash the potential of Univer. If you want to see all the Facade APIs, please refer to the API documentation of @univerjs/facade. By learning and using these APIs, you will be able to develop powerful office applications more efficiently and conveniently.


In fact, Uniscript also uses @univerjs/facade, so you can directly use the API provided by @univerjs/facade in the Uniscript panel created by @univerjs/uniscript.


Install via your favorite package manager:

pnpm add @univerjs/facade


The API provided by @univerjs/facade is a wrapper around the Univer instance. Therefore, after creating a Univer instance, you need to wrap it with FUniver:

import { FUniver } from "@univerjs/facade";
const univerAPI = FUniver.newAPI(univer);

You can then use the Univer functionality by calling methods on the univerAPI object. For example, get the currently activated Workbook:


You can refer to the Facade API documentation for a more detailed description of what you can achieve with Facade. In the following sections, we will demonstrate some common usage scenarios.

Use with the Univer server

If the functionality you are using includes parts that interact with the server, you need to replace the @univerjs/facade package with @univerjs-pro/facade to call the APIs related to these functions.

The use of @univerjs-pro/facade is exactly the same as @univerjs/facade, just replace @univerjs/facade with @univerjs-pro/facade:


pnpm remove @univerjs/facade
pnpm add @univerjs-pro/facade


- import { FUniver } from "@univerjs/facade";
+ import { FUniver } from "@univerjs-pro/facade";
const univerAPI = FUniver.newAPI(univer);

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