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Highly extensible command system

Highly extensible command system

All actions on Univer are executed through the command system, which makes operations on Univer traceable and recordable. Advanced features such as collaborative editing, real-time sharing, and scripting are supported on top of command system.

Plugin oriented architecture

Plugin oriented architecture

Features in Univer are divided into multiple plugins. Developers can combine plugins according to their needs, or develop custom plugins to meet personalized requirements without modifying the Univer core code.

Unified rendering engine

Unified rendering engine

A high-performance graphics rendering engine based on Canvas, supporting documents, sheets, and slides, providing a seamless user experience. Advanced typesetting capabilities are supported.

High-performance formula engine

High-performance formula engine

Supports inverted indexing, lambda expressions, and more. A powerful RPC mechanism supports Web Worker computing and even server-side computing, providing excellent performance.

What is Univer and what features does it provide?

Univer is an open-source office suite alternative that includes spreadsheets, documents, and slides. It currently provides features such as formulas, number formats, conditional formatting, data validation, and rich text. You can integrate Univer into your system and develop personalized business requirements based on Univer.

Is Univer free? Are there paid or enterprise versions? What are the differences between these versions?

Univer is open-source under the Apache-2.0 license and can be used for free in commercial applications. The official Univer Pro enterprise solutions, based on Univer, provides features such as collaborative editing, printing, import/export, and enterprise-level technical support.

Can Univer be customized or extended to meet specific needs?

Yes. Univer is highly extensible. Its command system and plugin architecture allow developers to create custom plugins or tailor Univer as needed. Univer's default behavior can also be modified through various configuration options.

What operating systems and devices does Univer support? Are mobile applications provided?

Univer supports various modern desktop browsers, with plans to support mobile browsers in the future.

Does Univer provide customer support and technical maintenance? How should users seek help if they encounter problems?

Univer provides online documentation and community support. Users can submit issues or pull requests on GitHub. Paid users of Univer Pro can get official technical support.

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