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Other Releases

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Experience the latest features and functionality while helping us test and improve Univer.

In addition to stable releases, Univer offers alpha and nightly channels. These versions allow you to get early access to the newest features that have not been officially released yet. However, keep in mind that more features also mean more risks. These versions may contain bugs, incomplete functionality, or unstable features. Please avoid using these versions in production environments whenever possible.

Alpha Release

When the Univer development team completes a new feature or significant change, they may pre-release it to the alpha channel. You can install the alpha version of a Univer package using the following command:

pnpm add @univerjs/<package-name>@alpha

Nightly Release

Nightly versions are automatically built versions of Univer, generated daily with the latest changes, bug fixes, and experimental features. These versions are highly unstable and not suitable for use in production environments. However, they are ideal for testing the latest features and ensuring compatibility with the most recent codebase.

To reduce the risk of users accidentally installing nightly versions, we do not publish this type of version on npm. However, you can try it in your project by following these steps:

First, you need to create a .npmrc file in the root directory of your project, and then add the following content to that file:


This configuration points the @univerjs scope to Univer's nightly version repository, which is hosted at https://verdaccio.univer.work/ (opens in a new tab). This is a private npm repository we provide specifically for testing and development purposes.

Then, you can install the nightly version of a Univer package using the following command:

pnpm add @univerjs/<package-name>@nightly

It is especially important to reiterate that nightly versions are extremely unstable and may contain fatal errors, incomplete features, or experimental functionality. Please absolutely DO NOT use these versions in production environments.

If you encounter any issues or have any feedback while using nightly versions, please report them to the Univer development team through appropriate channels, such as Github Issues or the Discord community.

Happy early access experimentation!

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