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Migrate From Luckysheet to Univer

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Compared with Luckysheet, our newly designed Univer has made great improvements in terms of architecture, data structure and API, so Luckysheet can no longer be migrated 1:1 to Univer.

However, basic data types or APIs can be found in Univer. In view of this, if you still want to migrate Luckysheet data to Univer, you can do some targeted adaptation work according to your needs.

Here is a migration guide for everyone.



The core work of the conversion is to adapt the workbook configuration, worksheet configuration and cell information. You can refer to the Univer interface and Luckysheet data structure.

Workbook configurationIWorkbookDataOverall Configuration (opens in a new tab)
Worksheet configurationIWorksheetDataSheet Configuration (opens in a new tab)
CellICellDataCell Attributes (opens in a new tab)


Luckysheet is initialized through a JSON configuration, while Univer is split, the enhanced functions are implemented with plugins, so some functions need to be dispersed into plugin configurations, such as

Conditional formatting@univerjs/sheets-conditional-formattingluckysheet_conditionformat_save (opens in a new tab)
Data validation@univerjs/sheets-data-validationdataverification (opens in a new tab)


For the API part, Luckysheet API is uniformly mounted on window.luckysheet, there are two ways to use Univer API

  • Call the encapsulated Facade API
  • Use Univer's dependency injection system to inject the plugin's service capabilities into the current Class. Refer to our Plugin Tutorial to easily access the Univer dependency injection system


For some commonly used basic data, you can refer to Migrate Luckysheet Demo and customize it according to project requirements.

If Univer's existing functions do not meet your needs, you can also develop your own plugin for adaptation.

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